Saturday, September 09, 2006

Product Appreciation And Its Many Fallacies

We are all part of a new and very explicit world of information. Our ability to think , find out facts and information are broader than those of our ancestors. If you have a question or desire to find something out, within minutes even seconds your questions can be answered. Thus we don't have so many unanswered mysteries. We have attained such a high level of literacy, that it is nigh possible for us to experience life outside of the world of words. Even if such an event may take place, it is highly improbable that we shall register that sensation or even remember it. Via logic and reason, if something is undefinable, ipso facto it does not exist. But are we not limiting ourselves to a very specific and specialized window of existence? Have we entered the world of Orwell's 1984? Has Engsoc not filled our minds with certain possibilities? While the remainder of actuality has simply been erased by eliminating the proper words to explain it. Or worst, not just the words but the entire method of thought which leads to and accepts that possibility. You may be scratching your head and wondering what ever nonsense is this fellow speaking of. Well with the termination or disuse of cultures and languages such realities are extinguished. It is not only the other animals of the planet which are threatened with extinction, but so are we. It is sometimes a subtle action, and many times an overt aggressive push of genocide. We are always comfortable in pointing the finger at the evils of the past. Yet if we are the present, some day to be the past; should we not look upon our actions, whether deliberate or not and scrutinize and criticize them? Do we sit idly by while thousands are slaughtered, impoverished, murdered? There are so many examples, that I only say open your newspaper, turn on your television and read between the lines. The profit margin and the bottom line are all that matters today, and it is we the people of the world whose backs those profits are made on. At least kings and queens of old had some semblance of responsibility to the nations they governed. But today all is corporate, and there is not a shred of humanity to be found without a price tag hanging from it.