Thursday, June 23, 2011

The program

When anger rules you are not in control. How can clarity be found in the fumes and geyser of negative passions? Where is serenity when there is nothing but agitation? Negative emotions must be thwarted . Until then we are lost in a turmoil of self deprecation and open to fear and hate through which we are easily manipulated and made to believe all nature of nonsense. Charity starts at home and that means being positive with ones self and ones tribe. Not self indulgent and selfish. Rather to be compassionate and considerate is the greatest conditioning you may impart amoung those around you and yourself. Kindness for its own sake is its own reward. This is the cleansing that washes away negativity. This is the program that begins the freedom from control.
We are saturated by advertising. Our minds are filled with so much nonsense that it is often difficult for people to know right from wrong. Our western nations are now the dark empire, yet we sit thinking how great we are. We impoverish the world so as to keep oil prices and food prices down in our nations. While the world is in revolt because they can barely afford to feed their families. We fill the pockets of third world dictators for compliance in taking everything they have of value while their people starve. Yet we sit justified believing in just deserts. Which is only a cruel polite fashion of saying "To the victor belong the spoils." William L. Marcy
"Through the skillful use of propaganda, whole peoples can be persuaded that Heaven is Hell, and vice versa."Adolf Hitler
So here we are with wool over our eyes. While we plunder the planet our mother and only possible home. I think the most adequate and vulgar saying fits, "we shit the bed". Yet it does not seem to phase us as we continue to pollute and destroy in the name of our own self interest. A civilization of energy junkies that won't quit till we are cold and dead. All due to programming and the corporations know this quite well. It reminds me of the movie Inception. Where Leonardo DeCaprio's character plants an idea in a another characters mind. But the idea takes over. It over rides all nature of practicality and common sense until that character believes she must kill herself to wake up from a dream which is actually reality. The idea that we need more and should never stop accumulating more was able to take advantage of our pack rat instincts. I watch people in perfectly nice cloths buy more. People fill fridges which are already full just to throw away last weeks rotten food. We are in such a dream state that the obvious can not be seen. The program has gone horribly wrong. Yet considering that corporations are immortal vampire creatures which are stuck in their own predatory program it is no wonder. Any being which does not die and has an outlook of the infinite could not possibly understand the finite as those who are limited by it. It is no wonder that their insatiable mind set is destroying the earth. There are no living creatures such as this. All predators have the limitation of a full stomach. But a corporation has all parts interchangeable, replaceable as needs arise and an appetite which is only limited by the expanse of their Administrative greed.
The only individual defense is the grass roots partisan kind. Reclaim one mind at a time and the only person who can save us is our self. Reprogram. Your currency spending is your vote for a corporation or small business. Anything bought second hand is a bypass of the industrial manufacturing process. Such products need not be made anew if they already exist. Energy is not an entitlement and should not be treated as such. Live as if you were in the Great Depression because we are.