Monday, February 05, 2007

Cultural Evolution

In painstaking fashion we have evolved through out the centuries and millennium. We as all forms of life have endured and vanquished the ages and the odds. We are all the proof of the success of our ancestors. The achievement of reproduction; of the continuation of a genetic code; of a taught behavioral pattern. Our physiology is the hardware and our culture is the software. Cultural evolution, over the ten's of thousands of years is our greatest monument. From whence we ultimately came, we do not know or shall ever truly know. Yet, the world we inhabit, is the culture which enables us to co-operate, communicate and adapt, it is the one true greatness of humanity. It has been proven that other animals too, learn from one generation to the other.But with our various forms of literacy (the keeping of records) we have gained the ability to understand and be taught from the distant past and into the expansive future.