Thursday, September 16, 2004

All Media is Good Media

The solitary passage of a forgotten god is a dismal path, which eventually leads into oblivion. From a solid form gradually dissolving into emptiness. Each step filled with fear, apprehension and hope. Fear of being forgotten, apprehension of becoming a wisp of a ghost and the hope of belief once again. To be whispered into the ears of dozing children or placed into a drama of a pantheon for some dry academic study is better than oblivion. Of course there are degrees of preferable to loathed. Full fledged demonization is better than being a fairy tale pixie or witch. To be polarized as the fiend, or arch evil of a new belief may not be quite so bad. Pan was made to embody all nature of sexuality and lustful reproduction to the mind of Christian believers. This was his consolidation for losing the pagan/Christian theological wars of the Late Roman Empire. It was the morality which shifted, he actually remained in control of his basic area of expertise. In pursuit of the control of the human animal the Catholic Church outlawed overt sexuality and any practice which embodied lustful activities or thought. In a manner Pan just kept up the same old antics, while mother church did all the PR against him. This of course increased his power. Spreading his message not just through out the Mediterranean world but the entire globe.

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