Monday, January 03, 2005

The Theory of Theory

Piercing the membrane of a thought structure begins a process of undermining it's integrity. Although it may be weakened or even destroyed, this alteration will most likely lead to innovation and the inevitable creation of a new system. The process is continual, in fact it is evolution.
Thought, of course is tricky. It is not a singularly created entity. There are so many more variables, than can be accurately analyzed. We may isolate major contributors, but most certainly shall never locate every factor. We must play a game of generalization. Which inevitably is inaccurate. There within is the foible of such analysis.
Cross cultural difference's, language, taboo, insinuation...Make it very difficult to ascertain effective and accurate data.
Since the dawn of humanity we have attached labels to everything around us. Trees, winds, dogs, male, female. We assigned roles to nature, and names so as to try and understand the forces of nature. To the great and small we have attributed symbols to give us some method of comprehension. In doing so we had to relate the realms of the unknown to that of our own. The gods and goddess's are kings and queens for royalty controlled our world and it only made sense that some sort of monarchy must control that of the unknown. We once mirrored ourselves from nature (Neolithic period), then latter we mirrored nature from ourselves. Humanity may realise that the earth is not the actual center of the solar system, yet we still remain emotionaly and spiritualy geocentric.

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