Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cyborgs and social networking

We are now in a matrix entirely manufactured to gather data so as to maximize the efficiency of being programmed. As a whole humanity is not grasping the insidious nature of all this info being gathered on us individually. This may be the information age but as usual we only absorb the superficial nature of such a catch phrase. Just as people believed mechanization would free them from labour. We experience just the tip of the iceberg in regards to how this age of information really works. Our ego centric world view hides the motives of those who are orchestrating these juggernauts of power. These techniques of finding out everything about us are the precursor to an absolute Orwellian future. Just as robotics has maximized profits for employers and left us without jobs the outstanding abilities that computers have proved to have in calculation in turn has fooled us again. We are trained to love our captivity, admire and adore our chains. Specialization (seen as an amazing adaptation) has debased us to idiocy. Our ancestors would shake their heads in disgust. We are becoming less able to think or do or worse yet refuse to think or do basic things that make life possible and enjoyable. We have been programmed with the idea of wanting the sort of life enjoyed by the aristocracy of old. Basically a life of leisure. The real problem with this is that with no purpose their is no sense of actual meaningful contentedness to be achieved. Thus unhappiness abounds. Big pharma will now sell you something to fix that. In the past we were to busy living our lives. By promoting irresponsible introversion ( as advertising does) without benevolent and positive reinforcement as was the practice of all ancient systems of introversion. Meditation, Yoga and the like always had a teacher or Guru who helped you along. Guiding you to development rather than the pit of agony that people are driven into by advertising. Other than food and warm dry shelter we have little need of much more materialistically. Of course we are a tool user and require a fair amount of them. But our ancestors knew how to produce them. We have been programmed to see that knowledge as primitive and below us. The real thing we need is people. We have been isolated and divided from each other. In the past we were brought together by necessity but now we are emotionally hobbled in our separated realities. What used to make us strong were our communities. The world wide web is helping in certain international issues (and important issues they are). Democracy and other people based movements will thrive from the availability of over seas connections. But at the more local individual level people are being torn a part. Adolescents used to get lonely and congregate. Now they text each other and forgo the arduous task of socialization. One can only imagine the future devastation of our social fabric. The western nations are now populated by highly trained cyborgs. Absolutely in love with their inter communication devices and gadgets. Dumb monkey.

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