Monday, July 04, 2011

Falsity of media

Modern stimulus is very exciting. It fills our needs for identity, validity and forms our reality. Yet it is false. It is a mirage of the world. Cleaned and filter, made to be comfortably palatable and pleasant to our varying desires. Worse of all it is formulated and crafted to accommodate not the watcher but rather the needs of its patron. Which makes sense in regards to most things commissioned by a client. Unfortunately what media does to the human mind, that is what it accesses and programs is not a haphazard thing but the nexus of our reality, what we believe. Not something to be sold to the highest bidder.
Reality cannot be found in a television, magazine, internet or book. It is when we sit absorbing the world around us via our own interpretation and experience of life that reality will reveal itself. Watching a tree is far more edifying. The ants, butterflies, dragon flies that live in and around it. The leaves, birds and squirrels that call it home. Observing such true stimulus is not only enriching but beautiful. Perhaps we as a species need to turn off the false reality and get out there and discover our world before we lose the ability to experience it anymore.

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