Thursday, January 23, 2014

Solar Spot Light Hack

The need for efficient light becomes ever so obvious in winter when the sun sets at 4 pm. It is not simply practical but psychological. So I devised a simply, efficient and useful re tooling of a fairly easily found product.  This is a Westinghouse 3x brighter spot light. I carefully took it apart and hooked it up with low voltage speaker wire. Running it through a regular light switch and then onto the window for the panel.


 I have installed two together to provide a good level of light. Sufficient for playing board games and cards.

I ran a separate switches for each light so as not to burn out any Led's. Sticking with the initial set up of the electrical designers is a good way to avoid  any problems if you do not have in depth knowledge of circuitry and such.

 This has worked well for years. The batteries have run for well over six years.


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