Friday, April 11, 2008

Living Off The Land

I have always had a dream since I was a child. That dream was to live self sufficiently in and with nature. Often since then I would go off into my mind imagining how this would work. Cabin construction, gardening, chickens the whole enterprise would fill my mind with such a daze of hope and capability. I suppose being raised in Northern Ontario (a land of lakes and forests) had a lot to do with this idea. Of course I never thought I'd actually get the whole thing off the ground. So I enjoyed the day dreaming for what it was worth. Yet, when a seed is planted and nurtured it grows. One day you look in the back yard and a tree has grown from apparently nothing. Well I am happy to say that dreams do come true (wow I feel corny just saying it). I was able to purchase just under 20 acres of forest with a cabin, sauna and shed. I hardly believe it, even to this day. Then I see a photo and am filled with such happiness. So now falls the task of fixing it all up, with the help of some friends and family. It is amazing how unifying a common goal can be. Yet even more amazing is how cleansing it is to just be in nature. The human mind was developed in that environment. It is no wonder that the city frustrates, confuses and stresses people out so much. For thousands of years we existed and survived in the arms of mother nature. Being fed directly from her; right out of her very flesh do we cultivate our nourishment. Yet as the dumb animal we are, we forget where the food comes from. Many children think that food comes from grocery stores and that cities are separate from nature. How sad not to be able to recognize the face of your own mother. There are no alternatives, we are the earth as the earth is us. Hopefully people will become more aware. I always like to remind the children I know that the air you breath comes from trees and that you should love them for it. I'm not saying cry over that mahogany table in the corner. I may be a tree hugger, but I'm not ridiculously stupid. There is a balance, and we are not within it presently. I hope to regain it. I'll see what I can do.

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