Sunday, April 27, 2008

No matter where you go, there you are.

To alleviate suffering we must firstly embrace and accept it. Running from it can't produce any useful results. Because we don't deal with it. Thus it is never resolved. By accepting it, looking it straight in the eyes we may begin the task of solving it's meaning and effect on us. Just because suffering hurts and feels negative doesn't mean that it isn't part of us. In fact it may turn out to be the source of great strength and personal power. Either way if you feel, sense or think it, it's in some way a part of you. As dreams are your minds reflections and reactions, so are your emotions the essence of who you are. Most suffering arises from our inability to deal with who we are. If you keep trying to stuff the square peg in a round hole, you will never get anywhere. If you cannot accept reality you shall suffer. The good news is that suffering is just psychological. So you can be reprogrammed to accept reality. It only takes the desire or will to do so. But this might involve a few changes in how you view the world. Paradigm shifts can be in themselves quite painful but like pulling off the band aid or pulling out a sliver; the end result will be well worth the effort. We have been programmed by post modern media to find fault with our selves, maybe to even hate ourselves. Why? You may ask. Well so that you will buy the cure they're selling you. You are imperfect and they will help you, they will save you from yourself. Advertising didn't invent this method of manipulation, they borrowed it from a very ancient and successful franchise. Not McDonald's or KFC, but rather religion especially western christianity. That ideology has it's hold by telling people that they are essentially born bad and owing a debt for this inherited badness. This is the crux of the whole control system of christianity. You are born owing the deity for the sacrifice he made of his son to save you from himself, that is his rage against you for not having obeyed his rules before you even had a chance to know them. Well it seems the cards are stacked against us even before we are born. Seems strange this whole control issue. Why would an almighty god need to implement such base methods of gaining power, when it already has all the power in the Universe? Seems more like a plan thought up by people. Especially a group who want as much power as they can humanly squeeze out of the main populace. Since history began this has been happening. From supposed god-kings to earthly representatives of divinity, we have been caught like fish; hook, line and sinker.
So do you need the newest product in so and so's line of products? Is Brand New a phrase that makes your mind tingle with happy thoughts of cleanliness and purity? Have you ever walked into a mall with its sparkling marble floors and cathedral ceilings and felt, elated? Makes you wonder. Malls have always seemed like temples to me. The Eaton's center in Toronto is shaped just like a cathedral. It is in fact bigger than any one I've ever been in and I've been in Notre Dame in Paris and St. Paul's in London. Every time you purchase a product do you feel better about yourself? I know you do, we all do, we've all been programed to do so. Our greatest childhood friend Great Mother Television is funded by those responsible for the whole consumerist ideology. From the slinky jingle to the true advertising pioneer coca cola. We have been given a message of salvation; buy, buy, beg, borrow and steal so as to buy more. In this most holy of sacraments ye shall be saved and so we do beleive.
How is all this to be resolved? Can it be fixed? Is there really a problem? It comes down to control. Either you have it or someone else does. Humans are psychologically permeable, power of suggestion is everything . So be on guard and do as a wise person once said , look for those who have the most to gain and there you will find the culprits.

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