Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Source and great patient parent.

We as all the various creatures of the earth are born of its great muck. The preternatural juices of the planet's intestines gave birth to us and all the other wiggly, squiggly beings. Our amazing sisters of the green world have fed us and nurtured our being. Yet they too are rooted down to the foundation of this dirt, soil and refuse. One great compost heap, which is life as we know it on this beautiful spheroid. Where it's going? We shall never know. So it ain't the arrival or the end that counts, but rather the journey itself that has meaning for us. The earth's rotation and wobbling are a great metaphor for our comings and goings or maybe it is us who are but a reflection of its great scale and most amazing life cycle. To it we may be more akin to flees or intestinal worms.Yet we continue our demur existence mostly unaware of the planets awesome trek.
Born of its flesh, of its blood and never torn asunder (other than a handful of astronauts and cosmonauts) we never stray from its loving embrace. Through human times we have come to associate this relationship as one of mother and child. As an infant we feed from her and yet we are never weened. It is our fate to be dependents for every aspect of life. The air we so direly require arises from the earths great and powerful lungs; the trees and our food sprout right from its flesh. There is nothing we have or can desire which does not come from it. So to it we ow everything. Yet we have forgotten these clear and simple facts. We have purposely ignored her well being. As all spoiled and greedy children we take and take, never thinking of the one who has given. We rip, dig and destroy and for some reason think there shall be no reckoning. All is well as long as we look away and ignore the poisons and destruction for which we have wrought. Stupidly enough it's not just all the myriad of other creatures we are hurting or the great extent of plant life we destroy, but we are destroying ourselves. This is always a sign of true depravity. Selfishness is one thing, it usually implies pure and utter self-centeredness, but when it leads to self-destruction it is no longer capable of sustaining its own existence and becomes a form of compulsive addiction and slavery to an idea of the self. Like a junky hooked on an illusion rather than reality. It is in this frame of mind that is born the main problem with our society. The conception of "Want" has replaced the reality of "Need". Our minds and bodies are so polluted by the idea of "Want" being "Need". We suffer as so many children from the famous disease of having " eyes bigger than our stomach". Avarice is no longer a cardinal sin but rather a virtue, and that is a formula for chaos. Spin is in the news and news is nothing but spin. Yet in that rests the solution. The solution is within our minds. The great ability our species has to imagine something, then bring it into existences. Just look to Tesla. The man envisioned the modern age and then he went and made it happen.
As long as consumerism controls the strings of our world we shall be lost in the darkness of greed. Profiteers cannot be left to govern a world which requires more than simple minded fiscal policies and by-annual reports. To sustain any civilization the long term reality of any and all policies cannot be dictated by lobbyists and corporations. You can't trust anybody who is concerned with money over people. Our democratic governments were formed to protect the people from the moneyed interests. We have not entered an age of information but rather an age of dis-information and most atrociously rampant Ignorance. The old sense of our interconnectedness with nature (survival instincts) has been usurped and replaced by an idiot box filling our minds with useless garbage. The sales pitch is our credo and the winner is the one who can swindle more than anyone else. The old adage of being able to sell ice to Eskimos (Inuit) plainly points to the idiocy of a philosophy which has no concern for ones fellow humans and their actual needs; just our wants. Until this changes nothing else will. Except election pandering and empty promises. What is the answer? You may ask. Read your history. Seek and ye shall find. Our written history goes way back. Do not accept what you are told, self-educate, make up your mind. Oh read Machiavelli, he was just telling it as it is.

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