Monday, September 15, 2008

Buying is not living.

Buying is not living. It's just deferring the responsibility for something you're either too ignorant or lazy to do for yourself. The fulfillment of the potential of human consciousness is only achieved within the context of our actual and original environment (nature). Walk through a forest and try to take it all in, every little detail all the noises, the clouds, the wind. Our minds were meant for that, to survive in the complexity of the true reality of nature. The intellectual pursuits of civilization are but a banal attempt at placating our intense sense of boredom, which is a product of the mis-use or rather under usage of our minds full potential. The focus on singular specializations have rendered us emotionally bankrupt and missing out on the wholesome fullness of human existence. We did nor evolve to be factory workers or bureaucratic paper pushers. Why do so many people feel empty and without purpose? The answer is not so hard to find, they do not have much of either. Our potential is not being met. The obsession with leisure is a poison eating away at the root of happiness. Purpose can only be achieved via actual practical actions. Why do so many people take up hobbies which were once viewed as chores? Gardening, exercising, cooking. Why are so many difficult or even dangerous activities pursued as pastimes? Mountain climbing, hiking, whitewater kayaking...etc. Simply, because post-modern life is vacant of actual meaning. Existing to consume and then consume some more is not a "reason d'etre". Pavlovian response may be effective in advertising but "man cannot live by branding alone". The market economy may give us mucho cargo but it has failed us and is destroying everything and anything of actual importance to our well being. Fulfillment is achieved through the act of creation, making your own food, growing your own food, carving a spoon, knitting a sweater, catching a fish, building a house or shelter. Doing it for yourself and not relying on another who has been disadvantaged enough to be paid so little to achieve a task that you can afford to have them do for you, doesn't do you as much good as you may think. We have been infected by the ancient ways and mannerisms of the ruling aristocracy. Living off the labour of the many poor and un-empowered. The problem is that honesty and goodness check out as we check into political extortion and heavy handed trade policies. The world has become very complicated and the lies we tell our self have also. This world wide scenario of the mercantilistic vision is exactly how Britain lost America. "Viva la revolusion".

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