Monday, September 15, 2008


Sacrifice and steadfastness have produced ample reward for me. Patience is not only a virtue due to its consideration and compassion onto those it is practiced upon. Yet rather its larger reaching arm is the strength and power it imbues to its practitioner. Patience is a root which gives forth such bounty that none can challenge its validity. Those who lack it suffer horribly under the weight and oppression of anger and hate. Such bedfellows one should not court wantonly. Betwixt them shall no man or woman find solace or contentedness. Being the prisoner of addiction and hotty sorrow. Every step towards calmness is a leap to freedom and new beginnings. We must never despair nor fear, for it is these very acts which sap our will and drive. To the solace of the heart and mind must we shift. The goal is an even keel, neither obsessively happy nor sad. Yet rather balanced and steady, unaffected by slight and trivial matters. Solid and strong as the very earth below our feet.

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