Monday, October 13, 2008

Electoral Representation

Here in Canada as our neighbours to the south we are entangled in that most sacred of debacles, a federal election. I wish I could be all excited and filled with pride for our democratic process. Don't get me wrong I love and support our system, well what it should be. The legislature is supposed to be comprised of individuals elected by those who they represent. Now we have voted for them, but who they actually represent is what this little tirade is all about. I have rarely felt represented and rarely have I noticed or seen a Member of Parliament represent her or his constituents. Most often they do what their party tells them. This is my gripe, I don't remember the party getting them elected I thought it was the majority in their riding? Of all forms of corruption, bribery and lobbying it seems to me that party system of cronyism is the downfall to the system of democracy. Political parties should be outlawed and made punishable by death. Representatives should be bound to obey the majority consensus of their region. If they disobey, they should be replaced by another regional vote. Some would argue that this process would be costly and inefficient. Modern democracies are so expensive because of corruption that a representative who had to keep his or her act clean to stay in office would certainly cut down on costs. Many would claim that this would slow government down and nothing would be achieved. Well take a look at what governments actually do, I think slowing them down would do them some good. All modern governments have over exceeded their primary mandate, they have over stepped their bounds and are more akin to parents that ruling bodies. Government exists to maintain infrastructure and make laws to safe guard its citizens and have those laws enforced for the benefit of its population. But where are we now? We are riddled by spin doctors and swindlers. Is this new ? No. But if these sneak thieves could be slowed and made to worry about their jobs if they fail to represent us, well then maybe they might think twice. Idealism? Yes. But the end of the party system would be the key stone to dissolving much of the corruption. Here in Canada we have had a minority government for the past few years and I think it's the best way to keep these power fiends in check. They actually have to compromise and negotiate with each other to get anything done. At least that way we can be mildly assured that what the government does do will not be so one sided and will actually have to be debated in parliament and negotiated.

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