Monday, October 27, 2008

Homo Sapiens Lament

I am constantly flabbergasted by the arrogant insistence of my fellow human being that we as a species are not animals. As if we get some holy sanctum to avoid the stigma. How ridiculous. I have heard so many half baked reasons as to why we are not of the animal kingdom (aka from earth I guess). One person (who lacked any knowledge of anatomy, especially bone structure) was explaining as to how we resemble no animals, nothing about us is in any way similar to the creatures of the earth. He actually resembled a laughing chimp as he carried on with his strange rationalizations. I find this subject as that of eternal life, a taboo, a box they can not get out of. I think the reason such subjects are unmentionable and unnavigable for many is that both ideas are pillars to the human egocentric psychological shelter from the bare truth of existence. If the mind is wiped clean of such beliefs a scary truth will present itself. The small, unimportant reality of the self and the human race can be quite damaging to many fragile and weak minds. Life without big papa in the sky is quite disconcerting, if there is no Wizard of OZ behind the curtain, and we are just another animal fighting for survival; then there is no certainty and we are not some holy creation above all the rest and maybe we have no get out of jail card to save us from ourselves. I can't say for certain what the rest of the human race feels. But I once believed in the great all seeing master (watching over me), but when my eyes were opened and I left the cave, I was happy and relieved to be free of that control structure. Accepting the inevitability of death and its finality is a great step to enjoying and not wasting the one life we have to live (Carpe Diem). Life is fleeting and it is sad to see people with great lives who can't see that for themselves. Always wanting something else, or to be someone else, what a waste. I have begun to see that when people lament their lives to me and they expound on what is missing that would make it all good; the only thing I see that is not present is a happy attitude. We are only unhappy because we are not happy. Seems simple, it is. Expectation, is the seed to discontent. Not realizing (daily) how precious life is, they wast the amazing power of mental focus on the negative and thus suffering commences. I guess we love to suffer. Happiness is the elusive holy grail of humanity, and it is right there in front of us all, just waiting to be fulfilled. Empty the mind of negativity (it's hard I know, I wrestle with it daily) and just float in no thought. If the self is just an illusion taught to us as reality by our parents and society. All we need to do is take a minute once a day to be free of it and see how calm and beautiful solace really can be.

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