Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Minds Eye

It is only once I stop forcing my mind to think and permit it to do what it was made to do that it works amazingly. Just staring at a log, a rock or piece of old rusted iron or an old tire releases all the potentials, all the things you could do with them or not. Instead of tensing up that old grey matter just let it flow. It amazes me, the things my imagination can come up with when I let it be. I love certain tools. My axe for its simplicity yet versatility. My knife because it can make almost anything. A paint brush can actually let me transcribe my subconscious onto canvas and paper, but the one I most adore is my imagination for it's limitlessness. I have from time to time forgot this and am fortunate to have children as friends for they always remind me of this amazing thing. I was visiting friends and the youngest boy once finished his chores went to his mother and asked if he could go play with his imagination. I found him latter out on the front porch deliberating, creating, thinking up universes and adventures. I was so envious, then I remembered I too can do this and of course once I really thought of it I realized I do. My adventures unfortunately have been tainted by bill paying and all sorts of other adult nonsense that I should do but not mire my mind with. So I'll loaf off and daydream my life away. Still paying the bills and all that sort of fiddle faddle. There is nothing so grand as sinking into one's own mind, as some huge fluffy cushion and especially feeling good about it.

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