Friday, May 01, 2009

How a mole hill becomes a mountain

Worry and stress are similar to dust. They gather in the corners and build up until you wonder how they got there. Sweeping away such nuisance is the only solution. The funny thing is how unperceived it is at first until it builds up then it seems that you're under attack. Little by little the increments are barely visible until they are overwhelming. Frequent maintenance sure helps keep the conscientiousness up otherwise we can be overwhelmed by the smallest and most ridiculous points of contention. My prescription is a good healthy dose of evenhanded and compassionate introversion sans the egocentricity. That's the stiff broom to get the job done.

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Suelo said...

Nice thoughts, coming unforced, coming right out of Nature!

Your paintings are likewise magnificent, too.

"The Son of Man (Child of Humanity) comes at a time when you do not think." Yeah, when you do not think!