Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Legend of the Collapse of Civilization.

The topic of the post apocalypse has always been very popular. The eminent collapse of every civilization is always a great fire side ghost story. Every mythology deals with the subject. From Zeus besting Chronos, the Norse Ragnarok, Christian Apocalypse, Mayan end of the world...etc.... All cultures come from the ashes of others and subconsciously know that one day they too will turn to ash to give birth to yet another. Often the last bit of that is forgotten or omitted by the civilization in panic and fear of it's own demise. The fact is humanity will not be destroyed just the culture. The actual annihilation of our species will be a mute point since there won't be any of us around to bitch and complain about it. So were does that leave us in regards to the present fear of the collapse of the American economy. Perhaps due to the youth of their nation they lack the wisdom and understanding to realize things will eventually even out. Maybe not to the standards of 1980's wealth and opulence. Perhaps more in tune to a realistic concept of economic growth and loss. The belief in constant growth was unrealistic and foolish as any one who thinks they will win everything and no one else will ever come up on top but themselves. As if history was only studied as a curiosity rather than a manual to understanding human reality.

Nothing is constant and all things are subject to change. Russia still exists and so do all the nations it annexed post WWII. Although the USSR collapsed. It is foolish fear mongering to believe that all is nigh. Things will change and we will persevere. Pre electricity and electronics our ancestors just over a hundred years ago did just fine. Even if worst came to worst we would not degrade to a level past that of the late 1800's. The fact is most of the world has survived at that level while we dived unquestioning into the modern world. Industrialization does not require oil or gas. There is plenty of coal, wood, and alcohol. Things would get more expensive for certain. It must be understood what the failure of the world economy really means. As it stands it is the domination of the world by the Industrial nations AKA Europe and all it's affiliates. Japan was the exception due to aggressive American Salesmanship. The world has and is in a dire point of unbalance and disharmony. Not for those of us from the Western Nations, but rather the vast majority of the world. We bully, cajole and blackmail our selves to power. We are witnessing the crumbling of American power, which was gained by waiting for the point just before the Germans took Britain and riding in like the cavalry to save the day. Waiting for the exact moment were Britain had everything to loose and would hand over anything to be saved. Negotiating with the victorious German's would have made no sense. How can you bargain with someone who has everything (remember the German had conquered all of Western and Eastern Europe excluding Russia). So once old WWII was done, the good old USA had it all. It is from that concept of power which the USA is now falling. No nation had ever held so much power before. The Russian's have already collapsed from their similar pedestal and now the world order based on mercantilism championed by America is shifting it's weight and things are and will continuously be changing. The world is not ending, it is just changing. The American's will simply have to get used to working with the rest of the world instead of simply bullying every one around. If the United States where a person we'd say it's just growing up. History could help them if seen as a record of other fellow Empires who once had it all and then leveled out with the other nations. Considering that the Americans had just jockeyed the British (their ally) out of position after WWII. They should know all to well that they'd be next. Who ever has the power is first on the list of the power hungry, it's obvious logic. Adolf Hitler's 1000 year Reich nonsense was based of ancient Roman history, but things happened much slower back than . Today with advanced weaponry and satellite technology things are done within a few seconds. Power comes from economic strength not just military might.

Within the last hundred years we have changed culturally in such a radical sense. Never have things changed so quickly. It is no wonder that we humans are left with such anxiety and fear. The world no longer exists for us in our immediate surroundings, but rather in some computer or Television set pre programed hundreds of kilometers away. Considering that our minds are so permeable to propaganda we will continue to be lead around by the ends of our noses, stomachs or genitalia. Since corporations have realized this, we will never be free of their brilliant nattering in our ears. Considering that they have cornered the market of economic power and dole it out to our politicians and governments as to so many Pavlovian dogs to control everything, we are lost. The corporation isthe real problem, a virus which has compounded power in a way that will dwarf the Vatican's ancient hold as a power house of human control. Orwell's nightmare will not be instituted by nations but rather by corporations in the future. Unlike a political leader a corporation can not die thus loyalty and love is ongoing and everlasting as in religion. There is no end (except perhaps to the idea of nationhood). The corporations control the world now and these tenacious beasts will not say die but rather as zombies continually feeding off of the rotten corps of our nations ironically made corrupt and putrid by their corporate lobbyists (power brokers).

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