Sunday, August 09, 2009

The here and now, All there really is

The only way forward in life is to get over ones self. The difficult nature of this process is that once you have torn down a significant part of the ego's facade or illusory compulsion it will begin to build a new one. The task itself is unending until the ego can be so significantly tamed. Not be an overwhelming nuisance but rather a well behaved and mature proponent of our psychology. We cannot escape the truth of existing, the here, right now. We can imagine all sorts of fantasies but low and behold we are always in the present moment. The ego can be a great tool in sustaining a healthy mind but it cannot be permitted to solely control us. The evidence of the horror of such an existence is the present age of consumption and self interest. As a civilization we have permitted the petty minded greed of fools to lead us. It is similar to permitting children to run household economics, all the money would go towards ice cream and candy and the infrastructure would shut down and we'd end up in the ditch. How else would a society based on sales end up? We sold everything for (cheaper) trinkets and baubles. Shiny toys that glow and speak to us in exchange for the earth , healthy food and clean air. No animal is so stupid as we. As long as people only consume to fill their emptiness they will never be able to fill themselves. The only things that can actually fill us is human companionship and the environment we have evolved to survive in since the beginning of (human) time. This age of greed is cold and sterile (emotionally) and we fool our selves with placebos into thinking it is good and wholesome. When desire is taken in hand and tamed, only then do we have control over our selves. Only then can we do what is right and act accordingly.

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