Friday, May 29, 2009

The insanity of humanity: The source of the mad monkey's power.

There are many reasons for our mad ways. Yet I think there is one which centers on our actual ability to be such wild and untamed beasts. Unlike most critters on this planet we are in constant rut. We are not the only animal who has this characteristic but we have many other characteristics which in combination make us the equivalent to a biological nuclear bomb (on slow release). It's not just the obvious about being in constant rut (mass population increase only depending on food supply) that makes us so dangerous to the world. (No wonder that the so called Green revolution of petroleum based farming products sky rocketed our population) But the actual madness of the rut which literally heightens and increases our aggression. It is this aggressive nature which actually makes us so dangerous. Mice are also able to reproduce often, yet they serve no real danger but as the single greatest mammalian food source in nature. The real danger of our population growth is that we are predatory and lay claim to the top of the food pyramid. But this pyramid is growing top heavy. Because of our use of fossil fuel to fertilize our crops we have inverted the pyramid and are beginning to suffer from the diseases which follow closely behind any heard which grows too large and unhealthy. The power of speech and the gullibility of our species has made us perfect patsies for those who desire power. So we kill each other for one bauble or another, one grain of dirt or another. These spin doctors and demagogues redirect our excessive aggressive energy towards those they perceive as their enemies and we do as we are told. Murdering untold numbers for one resource or another in the guise of ideology . There is no other animal so sick and demented as humanity. All the rest seek few things for survival (food and occasional shelter). We on the other hand seek so many reasons to annihilate our selves, so ending our need to survive. The madness of humanity is our most unique characteristic. Not our thumbs, brain, speech or erect posture. These are the resources which permit us to engage in all sorts of horrific wastes of energy to gain some demented form of dominance over one fear or another. We claim all kinds of superiority over nature but really it's just our desperate need to have some sort of control over a world which we are but a small speck in the dust of time. Even if we end up destroying our world life will bounce back as it has from so many other destructive forces. The sad and pathetic insecurity that we suffer from is our weakness. We deem ourselves divine and have created so many gods in our image so that we could feel some link to that which we judge great and infinite. Just to battle the great fear of death, that which we cannot conquer. In the name of our fear we will destroy anything. No other animal has ever had the disadvantage of so much power to achieve such horrific realities. It's not that I hate the light bulb above my head keeping the darkness at bay. No, I love it. But that does not mean that it's not going to eventually destroy the world. One light bulb maybe not but what it represents, you can bet on it.

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