Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't be a slave to your lifestyle

Media imposed concepts of the mono culture lifestyle are a curse on personal economic growth and sustainability. If you spend more than you can earn you are a run away train on its way to disaster. Advertising is the great strong arm of falsely represented modes of being. If you can't get ahead, stop and take a look around. Try and see where the money is going and why it isn't staying. Easy borrowing and out of control spending are the horrible combination which are leading our society and our selves into chaos. What really destroyed the family? Too much easily acquired money and the basic moral bankruptcy of the "ME" generation has ruined a once honest and community orientated culture.The corporation has become so brilliantly organized that they now control (via media) what we think (we need) and how we feel. These generations brought up by television are mainly VOID of the common sense and practical know how which our ancestors reallied upon. Concern is based in selfish wants and actual ( longterm needs, those of future generations) are not just put aside but mocked and reasoned as none existent (the future is now). We are a candy culture. Economically we are as children who swept away the meat and potatoes, so as to eat desert for supper. A culture now weakened by personal self interest, instead of family, those for which we ow our very existence. Why shouldn't people be only concerned with "numero uno"? It is that nature of the morality which they have seen and experienced all around them. Responsibility is an idea only left to the courts to decide. If I slip and fall on your property, it isn't my fault. No, it's not up to me to watch where I put my feet. It's not up to me to carry my own weight in such a fashion as to avoid personal injury. No, it's your fault for letting such an idiot walk on your land. When people are so selfish, self centered and greedy that they'll do anything to get a "buck" and trade in their self respect, dignity and responsibility for monetary gain. It is obvious that we are in dire times.

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