Thursday, March 27, 2008

The way we see existence

I asked my son what is god? Firstly he said "god is nothing", then I asked again, "what is god, to the the humans who believe in him or them?". Then he said with that smart ass grin I remember using so often as an adolescent, " Allah". I said, " yes, that's what Muslims call him, but WHAT is god?". He just looked at me grinning and wishing I'd just leave the room so he could go to bed. " God is the personification of nature", I said. " People need to turn the world into a human context to get a handle on it, god is the symbol for ultimate power." He smiled and went to bed. It's alway been so odd to me that humans need to believe they can understand the infinite. Call it what you will the mind of a human being cannot comprehend the incomprehensible. Of course there is the "whistling past the cemetery" theory, fear of death, once again fear of the unknown. Fear and ignorance have always and will always cause suffering. It's to bad, life is good and beautiful. All you have to do is enjoy it.

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