Friday, March 28, 2008

The We as we are told to be.

The effect of 2000 years of Christian conditioning has certainly produced a version of humanity which is in constant revolt from its natural state of being. The very base of this Catholic (western European) religion is its explicitly stressed control over human sexuality. From the sperm to the fetus to the new born to the senior citizen. All of human existence is covered. Of course the choice of controlling sexuality was genius on the part of the church. Other than food what instinct controls the lives of men and women. The turmoil and guilt associated with the action and inaction associated with sex is a perfect control mechanism. Destroying the validity of sex as pleasure and replacing it as a sole duty for reproduction was just the exact thing needed to put a collar of insidious manipulation around the instinctual drive of humanity to reproduce. After having such a long and old tradition in a culture it is difficult to know what is really normal (if such a concept ever existed). Perhaps the actual idea of normal itself has been a construct to keep us in line. It is no wonder that the church has had control over education for so many hundreds or thousands of years. Just as the American population is so certainly duped by their blind adherence to television. Christian based culture too has been blinded by an ancient method of mass indoctrination. Not that christian morality does not hold any good, it certainly does. But the whole condemnation of free choice as a damning gift (choice) from god. Basicly back hands the whole idea of free choice while attempting to falsely promote it? After 2000 years of intense cultural programming, it leaves me wondering what next? The corporation as religion and the instituting of Orwell's 1984 in front of our very eyes? For those who can and choose to see?

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