Friday, March 28, 2008

Who are you?

Are you living someone else's life. Do you think you're Britney, or Justin? Do you read all the tabloid shit so that you'll know how to dress or act? Because if you do, it's a sad thing that you don't seem to really be into being you. You're not that bad. Being them doesn't even make them happy so why would it content you? You don't need make-up, just wear your o-natural face instead of the mask of popular culture. You only need because you've been convinced and conditioned by a sales happy industry. I'm just saying your worth being. We all are, and the sooner we all get comfy being who we are the sooner we can accept happiness and contentedness for what they are. The simple exercise of being oneself for who oneself is. There is nobody other than you who you can be. So stop trying to hide and play dress up as some star or other. Give yourself a chance, show compassion and love on to yourself. Be nice to you. Not by indulging weak minded binging and wallowing fights of depression. Depression is what you feel when you give up on yourself. So don't give up, continue onward, for what else is there to do. Save yourself, because no one else will, or can.

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