Friday, March 28, 2008

Post Modern Survival of the Self

The greatest post-modern tragedy has been the denial of oneself in favor of some media campaign. Some make-up, or hair color add telling you how imperfect you are and how their product can solve this problem for you. Worst and most insidious are the drug companies and their cure all remedies for life. Like the snake oil hucksters of old, going from town to town selling cure all ointment then leaving town before night fall to avoid the taring and the feathering. The whole of advertising is aimed at alienating us from our own concept of self worth so as to represent themselves as saviors with cheap and affordable methods or products to ease the suffering for which they have introduced us to. It's down right immoral and as wrong as war and pedophilia. We are the fish in their barrel, and we thank them for it. Where would we be without all the wonderful garbage they make us believe we need. How much more crap can you stuff into your house? Oh, well move and buy a new house to fit new things in. Got to put the crap somewhere. There are actually few things we humans need. Food, shelter, and the work to sustain these two and of course the reason for these three are our families. The rest is distraction from these things we should concentrate on. But we are lost, our new religion is consumerism and the only thing that can save us is another Great Depression. People from that era are real, not wasteful and they understand life. Less is more and it was a hard lesson for them to learn. If we can teach it to ourselves and our children we would be better off . Frugality is an art not an affliction, learn to do with less and you will have more (money in the bank) and have a greater appreciation for life and what it means to be alive. Boredom, just means you haven't mastered living yet. Being depressed is something to beat not lie down and accept defeat from. Technology is great and at the same time the destroyer of thousands of years of human culture. Once again we need to adapt and reformulate ourselves and our culture, so as to move forward into the next thousand years. Not as slaves to media and production, but rather as survivors and proliferators of a freethinking humanity. It might be a silly dream but in regards to this ignorance for which advertising and propaganda have brought us, we must have a game plan of escape. If this is the age of information, we must use this information to drag ourselves from the pit of ignorance. TV taught idiocy. There is a reason they used to call it the Boob Tube and the Idiot Box.

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