Friday, March 28, 2008

Energy Crisis

Sell it all, get ride of all your possessions and run to the country. The oil is running out. So plant a garden and ask your grandma how to pickle and preserve. Learn how to make beer and distill booze before it all ends. Sharpen your hunting and gathering skills. Take a night course in skinning and curing hide. Forget about that old chain saw (remember there is no more oil), get a good axe and a bow saw. Man this survival business is pretty involved. Most people will probably rather die. Can and will a culture of leisure bother to bother surviving once the system collapses? Either way with the right marinade any kind of flesh can be tasty. Maybe cities are just big human farms, being stocked for the future. It makes me happy to know we won't starve. Well some of us won't. But is this apocalypse going to happen any time soon? They say the oil shortage is soon, but will we really feel it? The prices will rise severely, that is true. But will North America, the continent which houses the American nation be deprived? We Canadians always complain about our psychotic neighbor to the south. Yet being good buddies with the big bully has definite privileges. So will we be dropped off into the dark ages, or will we be on the ride for a bit longer than most? Being a first world country has already saved our asses more than we will ever know. The paths of money will not be abandoned, someone will keep them going as long as there is profit and power to be had. The re-invention of the local business will visit us again. Local farming and goods production will start up again. The railways will be re-instituted as they once were. Maybe not chaos, maybe not a dark age. Perhaps with the combination of individual power production (a series of solar panels on every house) and a new kind of energy conservation ( when you actually can't use what you don't have, you don't) we will see the birth of a new age or the reemergences of an ancient philosophy. An age based on intelligence and practicality. The wasteful use of a car just to go for a ride will be dead. Of course this energy shortage will be the only way the Kyoto Accord will actual be put in affect. As all stupid humans, we have never been able to control our appetites. We are obsessive and compulsive. The only way to control us is to limit us. Once the oil is really gone, then and only then will we be able to start down the road to efficiency. Will there still be war? Fucken right. Will people still starve and die? Absolutely! Humans love conflict, you might shake your head, but look into yourself and see how many times you start fights, verbal and violent (out of boredom, insecurity, anger). Ancient cultures fell apart as they used up all available resources. Until they developed extensive trade routes. The Romans acquired their grain from Egypt. Point is those who say it's all over are just talking about their luxurious life styles. Humans will survive, one way or the other. By hook or by crook we aren't going anywhere but here on this Earth. Anyways, there is no simple answer. But be assured it's the ride of human civilization and it won't end anytime soon.

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